No Excuses, Erasmus – Find The ‘Papa-Bomb’ Swine And Fire Them!

Some people, like Muppet Macron, think Russian media sources should be shut out.

‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! .

But it’s only RT that seems to have picked up on this shocker from Belgium, where a French-language text-book aimed at ‘migrants’ has been exposed for including subversive sentences – viz.


  • “Papa throws a bomb and goes to jail”, “He threw a bomb and goes to prison” and “He shows me his bomb in prison.”

Now if it had different wording, like ‘A bad man makes a bomb,’ we might think it a clumsy effort to get a useful message across to its readership, that evil-doers get imprisoned.

But ‘Papa’ is somebody most of us look to as an exemplar. It’s clearly aimed at normalising terrorist activity!


So it’s not good enough for the publishers, Erasmus, to witter on about how many people are involved in producing the book.

Bernard Delecluse, the director of the Erasmus Center in Anderlecht, told RTBF he was “shocked and surprised” and admitted the “mistake.”

Delecluse said he’d contacted the teaching staff to find out who was responsible, but did not want the entire team of 40 professors, who work with 2,500 students, to be blamed.

“As a director I have 40 teachers. It is impossible to redo the syllabus every year and check the educational materials from everyone here.”

Those responsible for inserting this insidious incitement need to be identified and, if not prosecuted, at least fired!

There are surely more than enough unwholesome elements in Belgium already…

  • …without giving other ‘migrants’ evil ideas.

To be fair to the Erasmus guy, he added that “the effort will be made anyway so that this kind of thing does not appear any longer.”

I’d say the Belgian police should be brought in, but in view of how the Belgian Government has behaved in the quite recent past…

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…maybe that’s not a road worth going down!

After all, that Belgian Government’s complicity in satanic sectarianism was proven beyond all doubt just last month.

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