UKIP Shows The Way – Ulster Unity Against Treason Parties!

UKIP deserves congratulations for not standing in Ulster’s constituencies.

“We would advise everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote in this election by voting for those pro Brexit candidates and for pro Union parties.


UKIP poster looks at the Channel, but Ulster’s border should be reinforced too!


“Use your vote wisely by ensuring you record your vote and that of your family and friends. Remember our enemies will use this election as a head count to call for a Border referendum.”

UKIP did poorly across the water last time around, and it would be imprudent, when they are up against it on the mainland, to be fighting good British patriots in the unionist parties, of whom I’d personally recommend TUV as the most determined in its resistance to the mockery of democracy known as ‘power-sharing.

TUV too is showing sense, fighting just one seat.

Unlike the European ‘Parliament’ elections, Westminster seats are contested on the traditional British ‘first-past-the-post’ system, no transferable votes.



  • There is much to be said for both electoral systems, but what is outrageous, and always has been, is the way Ulster suffers discrimination in this regard, all other Brits voting the regular UK system, while from Larne to Londonderry the ‘transfer’ method was imposed, quite unashamedly for the purpose of giving the disloyal minority advantage they’d not get anywhere else in the realm.

  • But that’s another story.

  • There are 18 seats in Ulster. A few are near rock-solid British, so there the patriots can afford the luxury of splitting the vote, hence the TUV, the DUP and the UUP all fielding candidates in North Antrim.

  • But in others, there’s a serious danger of a divided British vote letting in the treason party, and by that I mean both the evil forces of Sinn Fein/IRA…

  • ======

An Unholy Trinity, Out To Get Ulster –

Blood-Beast Adams, Eire leader Albert Reynolds, and SDLP’s Hume

…AND the SDLP, which was once ‘moderate’ but since the days of that self-righteous prig John Hume, SDLP has never shrunk from the so-called ‘pan-nationalist’ rapprochement with Blood-Beast Adams and his terrorist comrades.

However, it’s too late to urge a re-think.

Nominations have closed, and all that honest loyal Brits can do is arithmetic!

Study previous elections, see who is best placed to beat the republican ratbags, and vote early.