Manado Mayhem! Jakarta Post Flouts Its Own ‘Bold’ Motto?

If ever I feel in need of a wry smile, I check out the Jakarta Post website and look at its motto. 


Always Bold. Always Independent

It is so untrue.

I could refer yet again to their ‘pluralist’ editors, who thunder away on all sorts of issues yet have never uttered a word to condemn the Nazi-style book-burning…

Gambar terkait

Germany, 1930s


…which their parent company, Gramedia, undertook at the behest of the most intolerant Islamist fanatics in Indonesia.


  • burning books   Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

  • =======
  • But today I noticed their dramatic report on the scenes of massive disorder in Manado, where hundreds of righteously angry citizens turned out to protest at the visit to their province of the Deputy Speaker of Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

  • In the face of the teargas, the protesters fought back throwing stones at police officers, several of whom were injured.

  • Facing strong resistance, the police deployed a water cannon to disperse the crowd. Protesters managed to break through the entrance gate of the governor’s office compound before hundreds of police pushed them back.

  • Right!

  • A powerful display of strong  emotions on a subject clearly of great significance. So all readers here and overseas are curious as to exactly what the issue may be, that has provoked such an outbreak of public anger.

  • Naturally, the bold JP tells all, very clearly?

  • Uh, NOT!

  • The protesters said they rejected Fahri’s visit because of controversial remarks he is reported to have made that could heighten sectarian tensions in the country.

WHAT ‘controversial remarks?’

HOW could Fahri’s mysterious words have provoked ‘sectarian tensions?’

Useful information, surely, which any newspaper worthy of the name might think readers ought to know, so they can understand the story that made this JP headline?

Angry mob protests deputy House speaker’s visit to Manado

Tough! The JP doesn’t divulge the Deputy Speaker’s ‘remarks.’

The JP doesn’t even mention which party he belongs to!


We’ve covered Fahri before.


A leading member of the fanatical Islamist PKS party has urged the Indonesian Government to take in the hordes of Rohingya swarming the seas around the archipelago.


  • fahri hamzah


Fahri Hamzah, Deputy Secretary General of the Prosperous Justice Party, is quoted appealing to President Jokowi to create a special regulation on the issue. “Their suffering is evident. Do we, as a nation that believes in humanity, have the heart to see them suffer?”


anis osama_bin_satan

  •  ====================

Noble sentiments, but his invocation of humanity as a guiding principle hardly sits well with the shameful record of his party leader, Anis Matta, whose humanitarian instincts were made manifest when he wrote that infamous ode of adulation after 9/11, singing the praises of mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden..

Holy Bludger-Boats! Bin Laden Fan’s Party Calls for ‘Humanity?’ 


Perhaps there’s a clue in that report, not to Fahri’s latest ‘remarks’ which have upset the good people of Manado, but to why almost anything Fahri says might be controversial!

Or you can try to look through those parts of the Indonesian media which really are BOLD and INDEPENDENT!

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