Austria’s Kurz – Patriot Hero Or Just Another Theresa May?

We’ve more than once had kind words for Austria’s Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, when he has talked sound sense…


Kurz slams single sex courses for refugees

…such as his readiness to be blunt with the dangerous Turk, or when he asserted that “people have a right to be upset if the EU is too weak to protect its borders, but still forces all the restaurants to change their menus over allergy guidelines…”




But now he’s replaced his OVP party leader..

Kurz, the 30-year-old shooting star of Austria’s political scene, has been hailed as the ideal candidate to boost the party’s popularity and fend off the far-right ahead of parliamentary elections scheduled for late 2018

Fend off the far-right?

That’s not good news, if we translate far-right into meaningful political vocabulary, in other words patriots.

If Kurz aims to do what Theresa may has evidently done to UKIP, then it bodes ill for the future. Currently Britain’s patriot party is up against it, whereas Austria’s Freedom Party, the FPO, is riding high in the polls.

May is a phoney ‘conservative.’ She openly nailed her ‘liberal’ colours to the mast just a month ago. She presided as Home Secretary over numerous cases of scumbags being allowed to stay in the UK.



She voted for Remain in the Brexit referendum. She U-turned on the hated EuroCourt. She oversaw the removal of a good Tory MP because he dared to say he had no time for sexual perversion.


Who knows?

His party did nothing to stop the far-leftist nominee becoming President of Austria. On the contrary, the OVP opposed the FPO patriot Hofer…



….and actively assisted his opponent, a stereotypical Red/Green. And read this link to our post a year ago..

Arrogant Austrian Ass Urges UK Anti-Brexit Coup – Protest! 

Did the new party leader disown that carnaptious colleague?

I look forward to Austrian readers enlightening us.

Will Kurz make it as a statesman, or is he just another turn-coat, who turns his rhetoric on and off, depending who’s listening, out to bamboozle voters?