OMG! And We Worry About Folks Going To FRANCE?

I got home from downtown an hour ago and tuned into a tv programme about Egypt, whose Tourism Minister told us, truthfully enough, that while foreigners might worry about vacationing in Cairo or Sharm El Sheikh these days, they also might have concerns about going to Nice on the French Riviera.

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I used to travel all over Europe when I was a teen, but tend nowadays to worry when told my offspring may be contemplating a trip to those historic nations that once constituted Christendom.


Silly, yes, but most parents probably have a twinge of anxiety even when their kids are grown-up and go gallivanting to foreign parts.

But I never think twice about flying down to Bali for a wee long weekend break!



Then I received this week’s edition of that most informative Bali news bulletin!


Leading news items in this double edition:

An English tourist has apparently killed himself in his Sanur hotel room.

A Dutch tourist collapsed and died during dinner at a Petitienget Restaurant.

A Singaporean tourist was evacuated to Bali for medical treatment after being bitten by a Komodo Dragon at the Komodo National Park.

An American had been found dead in his rented room on South Denpasar…

An Australian man has apparently been murdered in his Sanur, Bali residence.

A Singaporean student, thought to have been under the influence of magic mushrooms, has fallen to his death from a Kuta hotel.

 The link to learn more:


Never mind, I’m still heading down there for a grand reunion later this year!