Fake-News Cash Cover-Up – Will Zuck-Wit Fire Clown Milner?

Just got home a while back, earlier than expected, and had a visitor to pay attention to, but then I watched BBC – it was surprisingly interesting, a programme on Facebook!



Much ado about ‘fake-news,’ as if the BBC doesn’t do its share thereof, but WHAT a dork Facebook put on to defend itself.


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 Simon Milner is HOPELESS!

Asked again and again to reveal how much money FB makes from Fake-News, all the clown could do was cower with a scowl behind his mantra –

‘We take our responsibilities very seriously.’

The amount was ‘negligible!’

Well, hell, if it’s that small, why can’t he give us a ball-park figure?

A million? Two Million? TEN million?

Or thirty bob? (That’s one pound fifty pence in good old pre-metric Sterling!)



Does he truly not know or is he lying in his gritted teeth?

Again, Milner was asked about removing pictures, as Facebook did when the picture concerned was that famous one of the naked Vietnamese girl running screaming along a road.


We wrote about her a couple of years ago.

Always Learning Something New! That Little Vietnam GirlChose Freedom! 

FB’s geekstapo jerks were so stupid that they were unaware of its iconic status…

…and had to restore it after more intelligent people pointed out their startling ineptitude.

All done quite fast – so how come other pictures…some quite outrageous, some fake, some defamatory…get left there for ages?

Enter the clown, again.

Milner resumed his previous droning mantra.

‘We take our responsibilities very seriously.’

NO WAY he could explain the different level of response.

Nobody I know likes Mark Zuckerberg, Obama’s ideological catamite…


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…BUT nobody would deny he is smart.

So when is he going to fire Clown Milner?