UK Pravda – Media Cover-Up On BBC Bias Report?

“Presenters and correspondents pushed at every opportunity to illustrate existing and potential problems. They were strongly adversarial towards Brexit supporters, but much less so to guests who advocated that the UK was, in effect, now staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.”

This comes as no surprise, surely, given that the BBC is infested with left-liberals, and has received loads of cash from Brussels too.

So you can read more of the report, which is interesting but hardly shocking.



But you CAN’T read about it in much of the UK Lugenpresse, the rotten media which likes to keep the people in the dark.

Only the Express seems to have published this news, although significantly, RT and Sputnik both have details.

I went through Google News Search , key words Brexit Bias BBC Report and no sign of news on this exposure of The Enemy Within!



It goes to show who’s to be trusted to tell us what some of us know very well but everyone needs to know.

No wonder Russian media were banned by Muppet Macron!

But let’s wait and see. Maybe the journo jerks are sill sleeping off their hangovers.