Mediterranean Tsunami – Demonic Duet Hopes To Dupe Europe!

The two European Leaders most infamously pro-crimmigrant MUST be Mama Stasi Merkel, whose shameless surrender on border security has resulted in a sex-predator epidemic perpetrated by savages against German women and children.


…and Red Renzi, the Italian PM who stepped down to show his democratic bona fides after the slap in the face he got in a referendum not long ago….

The Return of Red Renzi – Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down? 

….but who is now brazenly staging a come-back. His heirs still control the reins of power in Rome.

Yet it’s their countries which have suddenly declared a dramatic action plan to stem the alien tsunami, reportedly seeking an EU mission to stabilise Libya’s 5,000km southern border with neighbouring countries and curb migration. 

Germany and Italy want EU to halt migrants in Libya

What the heck’s a ‘mission?’

A new-look multilateral ‘European Foreign Legion’ meandering around the Sahara?



Or a bunch of Brussels bureaucrats, mincing to and fro between oases, trying out the art of persuasion on the lawless hordes – that scenario is not without a certain appeal…



…the twits might get eaten!

EU Observer tells us that one minister in one of Libya’s several rival regimes, Abdulsalam Kajman, reckons Italy was prepared to help train a new patrol guard for the task.

For God’s Sake!

If there were the lightest iota of serious concern about crimmigrants in Rome OR Berlin, the armada of Frontex and Italian Navy ships  – currently busily bringing every illegal found afloat safely to shore- would be authorised to turn the bludger-boats BACK…



…or, if they do pick them up, to deposit them back on the North African coast.

If one or more of Libya’s pantheon of impotent regimes might want to help, great!


If not, tough!

A country that cannot or will not control its own coast surely forfeits any right to complain if other nations have to do the job for them.

BTW, I’ve said the same about Erdolf’s Turkey!

What Islamist Erdogan Needs – A Cuba-Style Embargo

What’s more, there should be no more talk of bribing African governments to curb their crimmigrant effluent.



No increases in European hand-outs, just an ultimatum – stop the free-flow!

Or lose EVERY penny of largesse that largely ends up in the pockets of corrupt rascals anyway.