Yes, Another Petition! But Well Worth Signing! Fight The Gaystapo!

Usually, the petitions I present for your inspection are country-specific.

For example, that one posted yesterday –

– only Americans are entitled to approach their President asking for action to be taken.

But this one is a simple expression of appreciation for a freedom-fighter…


Hasil gambar untuk fight the good fight meaning


…offering words of encouragement after a pleasing victory over evil and energising him for the battles still to come.

So you Americans, and you Brits, and Canadians and Aussies, and my many local Indonesian readers too, can ALL sign it!

Here it is, exactly as sent to me.

I will certainly add my name and hope you do too.


Christian business owner fights back…and wins! Thank him for his stand!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Christian business owner fights back…and wins! Thank him for his stand!


In 2012, Kentuckian and Christian business owner Blaine Adamson of Hands On Originals found himself being bullied by homosexual activists after he declined, on religious grounds, to print T-shirts for the Lexington Pride Festival.

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission had found Blaine guilty of violating a local ordinance against sexual-orientation discrimination. The commission then ordered him to print the pro-homosexual T-shirts and attend “diversity” classes designed to indoctrinate him.

Not only did he refuse to cave in to the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization that requested the shirts, he fought back. Blaine contacted Alliance Defending Freedom and took the commission to court.

According to ADF, after a lengthy five-year battle, a Kentucky appellate court recognized Blaine’s constitutional rights and affirmed that Blaine is free to decide for himself the ideas and messages he wants to express.

“I want God to find joy in what we do and how we work, how we treat our employees, and the messages we print,” said Blaine. “So if someone walks in and says, ‘Hey, I want you to help promote something,’ I can’t promote something that I know goes against what pleases Him.”

The court’s ruling is a huge win for freedom of conscience, and ADF will continue to defend Blaine should his case be appealed to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

TAKE ACTION What you can do…

Although Blaine has won his court case, the battle is not over. There is a strong possibility of more courtrooms, more judges, and more litigation.

Sign the Petition to Blaine Adamson, thanking him for his stand, encouraging him to continue being strong in his faith, and letting him know you are praying for him.

I also encourage you to read Gay Effort to Reintroduce Slavery in the South Fails, an excellent blog on the issue written by AFA’s Bryan Fischer.

Thank Blaine Adamson NOW!