German Patriot Party Victim Of Vote Robbery?

When even The Leftal, sorry, The Local, admits that AfD suspicions about the vote count in last week’s North Rhine Wesphalia land election Germany’s patriot party’s are ‘not without reason,’ then it seems like there’s been either stunning incompetence or flagrant fiddling.


Yet in several areas where  the Alternative for Germany did well in first votes, they got few or no second votes, which is frankly incredible.



And more disturbing still, a tiny party purporting to speak for the Turk ‘gastarbeiter’-descended minority calling itself the ADD, picked up a large chunk of seconds viz.

...a Gütersloh district, 10.5 percent of voters chose AfD candidates in their first votes. But again the party registered no second votes….this is particularly questionable….given that ADD received 13.9 percent of second votes in the district.

I’d say there’s dirty work going on.

Who actually counts the votes? Are they vetted for political links?

Yet it seems despite what even this leftist voice has to admit, the AfD cannot force a proper recount  – that course of action, obviously fair, is ultimately up to local election officials…



…under whose authority the clear mismanagement of the democratic process occurred.