Mum and Tot Terrorised, Swede Media Jerk Won’t Blame Red Thugs

We know a lot of journos in Western countries are low-lifes, but few can be as vile as Swede shrill Christoffer Eriksson. The creep works for TV4, which I have never watched.

Nor would I wish to, after the slimer declined to condemn a pack of red hoodlums who attempted a home invasion, terrorising a patriot politician’s wife and three-year-old child.


Jimmie Akesson of the Sweden Democrats, the only party to oppose the multicult migration project which has brought misery to countless Swedes…

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….has shown great courage in his stand against undesirable aliens, yet the media-freak bizarrely accuses him of being a ‘wimp.’

And just in case anyone thinks the TV4 toe-rag might have even an iota of common decency, read a little more and disabuse your mind of such a delusion.


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“I understand that it is tempting to be the bigger man and think it is” a threat to democracy…this is wasting precious magnanimity. It is possible to rely on the much underrated clause ‘Talk shit, get shot…’

In other words, this pinko puke thinks that if you dissent from his left-liberal prejudices, and dare to speak up, then it’s open season.


So what if Antifa scum unleash all manner of violence against you – or your wife and child! 

Aah, but the freak tells us that Jimmy is a ‘Nazi!’  


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Hardly – but a very popular one, even were it so – his party is riding high in surveys of Swedish voters…

…the second most popular party is the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats with 19.3 percent (up from 12.9 percent…

…but what the hell has his politics got to do with it?

The red vermin attacked the man’s home, trying to force their way in to get at a defenceless woman and her child.

Since the puke introduced shooting into the issue, I might suggest that it’s a great pity the terrorised lady did not have access to a shot-gun.


She’d have won worldwide admiration if she had opened fire on those yellow-belly terrorists.

Though the politicised Swedish cops would probably have arrested her!    


Länk till presentation av Dan Eliasson 

Sweden’s far-left Police Commissar Eliasson

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As said above, I’m not familiar with TV4, but if they have pretensions to responsible journalism, they’d best be firing the sleazy hack, who, speaking of ‘wimps,’ has now cravenly deleted the Twitter account he used to endorse his bigot belief that the patriot and his party are ”a bug in the system that needs to be corrected.”