Nasi Goreng Lezat, Ririn Marinka Cantik Sekali!

Surfing channels last night, or rather early today, unwilling to hit the pit because I had no need to rise before brunch-time this morning…


Hasil gambar untuk asian food channel


…I stumbled upon something called AFC, which turned out to be Asian Food Channel.


Familiar scenes, Jakarta streets, Jakarta crowds –  it’s paradoxical, I guess, how seeing sights you see in real life every day can still have you glued to the screen…

Hasil gambar untuk wedding guest ancient mariner

…as enthusiastically as the Wedding Guest listened to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

Some Englishman was on the screen, who said he lives here but who kept pronouncing nasi goreng – fried rice, ordinary Indonesians’ fave meal…


Nasi goreng sosis!


…with the stress on the second syllable of goreng, which I have never heard before.

Perhaps my Indonesian readers can comment on this unusual usage. Is it a regional variation?

But he plainly knew and loved Indonesian food – obviously a chef of considerable skill, he kept whipping up dishes of impressive style and variety. Alas, TV does not allow us to taste what we see but his creations looked amazing!

But if we’re talking about visual joys, I’d have to focus not so much on the cuisine or that foreign cook, but on his co-star, Ririn Marinka.


She is evidently famous as a cook herself, but more importantly, as far as my viewing habits are concerned, she is a real honey, as you can clearly see from the photo below.


Hasil gambar untuk marinka


Ever curious about lovely ladies, I looked through Google Search and found that Marinka is 37 years old.

She sure doesn’t look it!

I’d have estimated her age to be ten years younger, but that isn’t so unusual here. Indonesian girls are famously attractive, of course, but more than that, they wear their years well.

I met one recently at a party who turned out to be mid-forties, again at least a decade older than I’d first surmised! However, back to AFC.

Tune in, if it’s available on your cable network, and see for yourself.

For my part, no lovely ladies on today’s agenda, just another indolent Sunday, with an absorbing paper-back (Archangel, by Robert Harris) to finish reading out front, if the sun dispels the clouds.

And later?




A splendid feast, spicy beef, of Sumatran origin, which I cooked myself, last night – not as delicious as Marinka, admittedly, and certainly no TV show will ever be made about my haute cuisine.

But I’ll certainly enjoy it!