So A Yank Prat Endorses Corbyn – Why Is This ‘News?’


Prat (Urban Dictionary) – Somebody who acts against logic…

Well, that’s it then, you Brits, no more reason to spend time weighing up who to vote for!



Danny De Vito has just told you – it’s gotta be Red Jeremy!

It’s a measure of the paucity of professional journalism in Sky news HQ that this would even feature in a ‘news’ programme.

A past-it Hollywood clown’s endorsement is worth less than a wooden nickel, and surely no Brit in his or her right mind would be influenced by such impertinent intrusion from abroad.


De Vito -judge his worth by the company he keeps!


Mind you, at least I’ve HEARD of De Vito – I think he was in some Schwarzenegger film years ago.

But Sky tail-ended its ‘news’ item by adding that Corbyn also has the support of ‘Grime artists Stormzy, AJ Tracey, Novelist and Akala?

HUH? Grime artists?

Grim, do they mean?

No, apparently not.

Seems Sky doesn’t even have a firm grasp of what ‘art’ means, because reading through the piece we learn that ‘grime’ nowadays refers to ‘rappers,’ and rappers are ipso facto devoid of any artistry.

But I did do my homework and found this picture of A J Tracey…


Hasil gambar untuk a j tracey


…which must surely inspire thousands of  UK voters to heed his profound insights into politics.

If I went down to Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo tomorrow, I could easily assemble, from among its various entertaining denizens, a band perfectly capable of matching the musical talent required for the creation of ‘rap’ music!


Gambar terkait


And frankly, I’d sooner take the advice of the inmates of Ragunan than any of the ‘artists’ named above as to which party or candidate in any election deserves my support.