Theresa ‘I Won’t Deliver Brits From Europe’s Robed Rogues.’


Observant people have already noted the Tories’ willingness to betray British fishermen.

Theresa May could waive rights to 95 per cent of British waters …

But let’s not forget that Mrs’ May has also made it clear she will keep Britannia subjected to arrogant interference from alien judges.

One of her most unambiguous manifesto commitments is to remain signatories to the European Convention on Human Rights for the next parliament.


If she were honest, she’d say forever, because it is widely predicted she will have a substantial majority in the next parliament.

So if she won’t make the most of that to restore UK sovereignty when she easily can, clearly she’s ditching real independence, for there is none when stickybeak clowns…



….like the ECHR can over-rule law-makers elected by the British people on almost anything -NOT least the ‘rights’ of terrorists, or of alien parasites who should have no rights at all in other people’s countries.