What Next? American Teachers Fired For Saying ‘OMG?’

America, contrary to the lying swine who preceded Mr. Trump in the White House, has always been a Christian country. The first congresses voted funds to convert the Red Indians.

Of course the Revolutionaries didn’t want an Established Church, one denomination given special privileges, like the Church of England in The Old Country. Hence their constitution forbids any such thing.

But nowadays, not only Christianity but even God Almighty has been subjected to attempted exorcism from public life, despite the (so far) survival of the motto In God We Trust…



…and those words in the pledge the children say in school – unless the evil ACLU has already had that outlawed too, by one or other of the numerous degenerates in judicial robes!

But how about THIS, an official ‘coaching’ ( in real English, a warning) issued to a teacher named Tony Richardson…


  • Toni Richardson, center, an education technician in the Augusta School Department addresses media at a press conference in the State House Hall of Flags on Tuesday. She is joined by her attorney Jeremy Dys of First Liberty Institute, a legal organization the specializes in defending religious freedom.


…by some bigoted cretin holding a position of authority in a high school in in the northeastern state of Maine?


….stating ‘I will pray for you,’ and ‘you were in my prayers’ is not acceptable—even if that other person attends the same church as you.”

In making such statements, according to the school, she “may have imposed some strong religious/spiritual belief system” on the prayed-for coworker.http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WA17E41&f=WU17E15

What half-baked dimwit dork wrote that?  

It originates within Cony School, Maine…


…and if you want to ask them, here’s the contact info…


District Central Office

Phone (207) 626-2468

Fax       (207) 626-2444

….including email for non-Americans who don’t wish to incur international telephone charges