Deutsche Welle’s Odd Notion of Balanced Journalism

Too many people commenting on Trump’s triumphant visit to Saudi Arabia, so I will confine myself to the sheer crass bias of Deutsche Welle, who decided they needed to have two guests on to discuss it. That’s fair.

One critical of the American President, one ready to defend him, right? That’s how serious journalism works, right?

Harharhar, de harharhar.

Here comes that cat again!



This is DW we’re talking about!

They had ONE guest, some far-left growler named Akram Baker, ranting about ‘right-wing ideologues.’

And sneering at the President. You can find the biased ranter on their website and judge for  yourselves.


Hasil gambar untuk akram baker


Totally negative!

DW only identified Baker as a ‘Middle East analyst.’

But then Baker is a lot more than DW told us. He’s a ‘Palestinian-American!’ Okay, not all Palestinians want to murder every Jew, regardless of age or sex.

But he is, or was, Co-President of the ‘Arab Western Summit of Skills,’ whatever that is.  I am curious as to why the State Department funded such a body…

…but it’s late and I only want to ask why DW made no effort to balance that viciously anti-Trump Baker with somebody who holds a less bigotedly partisan view.