Happy Empire Day! It’s 24th May Again!

A glorious day, too long not celebrated.

Those were the words I had prepared for the 24th May, but after the Mother Country was attacked this week, and grievously wounded by an evil Islamist, I suppose it’s inappropriate to sound too cheerful. Nevertheless…

No matter the British Empire is no more – the French still celebrate Bastille Day, after all, though the Bastille no longer stands!

They do so for the ideas and ideals it represents.

So too with the imperial legacy!

For without the British Empire, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and many other proud countries would not exist.



Nor indeed would Kenya and Nigeria, which, like many African states today, are recognisable entities only because the tribes that once warred within their modern boundaries were brought together under the Union Jack.

I’ve no need to repeat the things I’ve said on previous Empire Days.

No holiday here, though tomorrow is an Indonesian holiday so at least if you raise a glass tonight to the imperial achievement…



…at least you won’t have to go to work the morning after!