Ascension Day In Jakarta, As Satanic Evil Strikes Kampung Melayu!

Awoke to news of sectarian savagery AGAIN today, not far away in an English city this time, but right here in my adopted home-town of Jakarta.

 Islamic State link hits Jakarta

“This could be part of a global effort to spread fear and terror,” said an Indonesian Police spokesman.

All my overseas readers can find details in their local media.

It wasn’t that long ago that I traveled through Kampung Melayu, the big bus junction hit by the scum some hours ago, so these atrocities can induce personal intimations of mortality.

I present you with a popular pictorial slogan here…



…but while I endorse the exhortation for anyone celebrating Ascension to pray for the dead and wounded today, it is arguably not accurate, because the beasts who claimed more innocent lives yesterday…


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