Biased BBC Hides Red Vanessa’s Record

Up early today, in time, alas, to catch the BBC’s biased output, one of their arrogant jerks telling us that President Trump’s call for European slacker governments to pay their fair share of defence costs shows that he ‘didn’t really understand‘ how NATO works.

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Of course he does. The Beeb berk assured us that there’s no requirement for the slackers to stump up. Obviously, which is why they don’t behave honourably. Trump is clearly well aware of this – that’s why he’s telling them to shoulder a measure of political and moral responsibility!

And on the BBC morning went.

After talking about a very good old lady in my first post today…

Good For You, Margaret Court! 

…. up popped a very bad one, with a thoroughly selective BBC (unpaid-for) ad for a ‘documentary on –  yes, you guessed it – ‘refugees’ produced by the foul old fiend Vanessa Redgrave…


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Workers' Revolutionary Party logo.gif


…a life-long marxist, whose Workers’ Revolutionary Party was so far on the fringes of the Left that they were generally referred to as ‘Vanessa’s Loonies!’



That was in the Sixties, but she didn’t grow out of involvement with nasty and vicious ideologies. Here’s an excellent piece from ten years back.

Vanessa Redgrave’s Al-Qaeda Activity No Surprise

Not a whisper of that on the impartial BBC, of course, which kept viewers in the dark about her dark side. Instead total failure to link her subversive red record with her current leftist efforts on behalf of so-called ‘refugees,’ and referring deferentially to the evil octogenarian as a longtime political activist.

Of course I haven’t seen her ‘documentary,’ which is not showing at Jakarta cinemas.

Even if it were, there’s no way I’d spend money to sit through an hour or so of pro-crimmigrant trash, which it will be, not an iota of doubt on that score!