Turks, Not Delighted By Illegals, Are Building A WALL!!

The Los Angeles Times has long been a card-carrying member of the vast left-liberal media conspiracy, as can instantly be discerned by their use of the deceitful euphemism ‘undocumented’ to describe illegal immigrants.


The Turkish police, we read, have detained more than 300 undocumented migrants in Istanbul – mostly from Pakistan and Afghanistan -after Turkish nationals and migrants clashed, resulting in the death of a Turkish man allegedly killed by an Afghan migrant.  

Clashes erupt in Istanbul between Turks and migrants 


As if to bolster their street-cred as a bastion of Trumpophobia…


Hasil gambar untuk trumpophobia


…when I accessed their website, the LA Times flashed up an optional treat, a six-part ‘opinion’ series about ‘Our Dishonest President,‘ which ill-becomes media that refuses honestly to describe illegals as illegals!



However, let’s look at their article, which interestingly informs us that –

Turkey has since announced it is working to build a 310-mile-long wall along the Iranian border.

Old Erdolf may be no friend to Europe…

 …but nobody has ever said he’s foolish!