Jakarta Post – A Nelson’s Eye View Of ‘Pluralism!’

And off we go again, the Jakarta Post’s ever-anonymous editorial staff purporting to be concerned about pluralism.



Quite rightly, they recognise that, with three police officers having been murdered by Islamist swine at Kampung Melayu this week…

…all law enforcement efforts against jihadist evil deserve our whole-hearted support.

But what are we to make of this, that the sectarian terrorists have sent a stark warning not only to the security authorities, but also to religiously pluralistic Indonesia.

WHEN will the Jakarta Post editors come out and tell the truth about Gramedia, the company that owns the JP, and that itself declared war on religiously pluralistic Indonesia…



when it collaborated with the most bigoted sectarians in the archipelago in a Nazi-style book-burning, which has yet to merit a JP editorial condemnation.

If a business engaged in canning vegetables or the manufacture of make-up had committed this sin against freedom, bad enough!

But a publisher?


Until Gramedia offers a public apology and puts that book back on their shelves, for sale to all, we need constantly to remind the world of the evil that was done that day.

The Jakarta Post should be at the forefront of demands for this repentance.

We await, ever hopeful..well, not very, to be frank!