Ramadhan In Jakarta -‘Kill Ahok,’ Sing Parading Child-Bigots!

As reported on Liputan6.com, a video has emerged on ‘social media’ in which a pack of nasty little brats parading through Jakarta streets, to ‘welcome the holy month of Ramadan…http://health.liputan6.com/read/2965389/kenapa-ada-anak-anak-yang-berani-berteriak-bunuh-ahok



…who can be clearly heard shouting, “Kill, kill, kill Ahok,” to the tune of a traditional corn-planting song.


Hasil gambar untuk bunuh ahok anak2



This appalling behaviour is obviously down to sectarian hatred, but the report approaches the obvious answer circuitously, viz. there are many possible causes of a bunch of children daring to yell “Kill Ahok.”

Eager to find which of these ‘possible causes,‘ is the most probable, Liputan6 asks an expert.

“My analysis is the number one because these children often hear the conversation of their parents,” said Child Psychologist Ike R Sugianto when contacted on Friday (05/26/2017)



Well, yes, Dr. Ike, I think that’s more likely than that these ghastly little brutes composed the new lyrics all by themselves.

But what’s being done about it? Police are said to be investigating this grotesque incitement to murder the capital city of Indonesia’s (now ex-) Governor Ahok…


Ahok, behind bars for ‘blasphemy’ – aka upsetting Islamist fanatics


…. who is, don’t forget, now serving time in prison for the mediaeval offence of ‘blasphemy.’

Slouching Towards Shariah, Indonesia Jails Ahok

My initial response would be to suggest that the parents be deprived of custody of said children.

In most civilised societies, indoctrinating little kids into a murderous cult mentality would surely mean that those responsible should forfeit their parental rights. Or be detained for compulsory psychiatric attention.

But then I remembered how that child in Australia was captured on camera brandishing an Islamist placard, inciting murder against innocent people.


‘Behead all those who insult the Prophet!


And, so far as I could ever ascertain, no action was taken against the primitive pigs responsible for supplying the kid with that hate material.

Or against the parents who should have kept their off-spring from getting hold of such filthy sectarian propaganda.