Psst! Wanna See The Real SNP ( Scots Nazi Psycho!) ?

I may have mentioned, or maybe not, my conversation with the wife of an old school friend on my trip to the UK last September.

We weren’t really discussing politics, since the lady is no fan of my distinctive ideological inclinations – but she’s a very nice lass nonetheless!


Hasil gambar untuk scots referendum


But when she described how she was jostled and spat at for wearing a ‘NO’ badge during the Scottish ‘independence’ referendum, I was horrified.

Now I have been reading, in The Scotsman last week, a report on how another woman, this bloated, leering thing, pictured below, was recorded…


Why didn’t those intrepid journos name and shame it?


….engaged in bare-faced (AND ugly-faced, one must agree!) minatory harassment of Tory election campaigners in a town called Cowie, Stirlingshire – near Bannockburn, which paradoxically was the scene of a long ago battle when ‘Freedom!’ was the Scottish war-cry.

“Get out of Cowie, get out of Bannockburn, get out of Scotland – you’re not welcome.”

…the driver tells Conservative campaigners she will be following them all around their canvassing route. “Run away, get out, this is Tory-free Bannockburn. Tories are not welcome – now move!”


I’m no friend to the Tory Party, but these Tories are British subjects, people who live and work in Scotland, not alien crimmigrants interfering in matters not their concern.

Yet they were subjected to that rant –


Hasil gambar untuk bad miss piggy


Miss Piggy’s is the authentic voice of Scottish Nazi intimidation – we now know exactly what sort of freedom will be afforded opponents of the separatist party, should it ever drag Scotland out of the UK and have unrestrained power to persecute those who defy its chauvinist bigotry.


  • Free and fair elections?

  • =========

‘Get Out of Scotland!’

So reminiscent of Hitler’s ‘Juden Raus!’

Get out, or what?

  • ===

“We’ll drive you out?’

”We’ll gas you?”



And no, it’s not just some stray bitch that’s off the leash.

The SNP leadership know all about her, and have made it crystal clear she will face no sanctions for her scabrous misconduct.

A spokesman for the SNP said: “She [activist] has been spoken to and reminded that political arguments should be made with courtesy and respect.”

Hence my description of the ba’-faced, nasty warthog – a description as imbued with ‘courtesy and respect’ as her approach to democratic debate!

PS  Ba’- faced is a Scots term which is more or less self-explanatory when you look at that unpleasant fizzog.