Canada’s New Tory Leader – Conservatism Or Cop-Out?

He’s a social conservative, but he supported party members who voted last year to strike a policy opposing same-sex marriage from their handbook…



…not because he supports same-sex marriage – he doesn’t – but because Canadians have moved on.

In other words, rather than fight courageously against the moral blight which so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘marriage’ represents, the newly-elected leader of the ‘Conservative Party of Canada’ bottles out of facing the issue.

I doubt there are many fans of the gaystapo agenda among my readership, but if there are, one assumes they share my view that what they want constitutes a fundamental cultural change ( I’d call it subversion) – in any society…

…the overthrow of the institution of marriage as it has been understood for millennia.

We saw this when Eire voted in Gadarene fashion to permit homo weddings – the ‘gays’ celebrated worldwide.

We saw it too when enormous numbers of decent French folk turned out to demonstrate against Le Retch Hollande’s refusal to give France a referendum on the putrid prospect.



Same in Italy, when Red Renzi declined to let the people vote, and where his victory over marriage was at once followed by ‘gay’ indignation that they had yet to get their hands on defenceless children via ‘gay’ adoption!

If you think something is repugnant to the values you believe in, you MUST oppose it – else how can you look yourself in the mirror every morning?

Not so Mr. Scheer, who opposes ‘same-sex marriage,’ he tells us, but won’t lift a finger to drag Canada back out of the moral quagmire in which it’s wallowed since the Supreme Court ‘interpreted’ the constitution to overturn the clear exclusion of maladusts which those who created that ‘Charter of Rights’ had democratically decided.

Historical note – a proposal to include ‘sexual orientation’ in that Charter was taken at the time, and it was rejected.

And why?

He says first that it’s because ‘Canada has moved on‘ – whatever that means. But then he owns up.

“If social conservatives have 50 things they are wanting to accomplish, maybe 30 of them would be divisive and wouldn’t enjoy broad-based support in our own caucus!”

In other words, he puts party before country, lacks the guts needed to clean out the rotten element in his own ranks!

Of course it would be no easy challenge – the degenerates who run most of the Dominion’s media would savage him. Scheer would have a fight on his hands, for sure. But that’s the mark of leadership.

He could, of course, just offer himself to the electorate as a more mature version of Justin Turdo.



The Canadian electorate certainly showed itself susceptible to Turdo’s appeasement policies last time round…

Obscene Justin Turdo Grubs For Disloyal Sectarian Votes! 

…just as the UK electorate in the 1930s seemed to like Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement.

But sooner or later, if Canada is to rise again, they must be made to understand that a country with no moral compass cannot stand.

Scheer won’t achieve that objective by kow-towing to the lowest common denominator.