“Viciously Attacking Jeremy Corbyn?” What’s A ‘Vicious Attack?’

So the Labour Deputy leader says the Tories are “hell bent on viciously attacking Jeremy Corbyn?”

Does that nonentity have any grasp of what a vicious attack is?

Here’s a few photos to remind him!


Body blown up by IRA 4

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THOSE are victims of ‘vicious attacks!’

Innocent people done to death by Sinn Fein/IRA, the murder gang with whose leaders Jeremy Corbyn was and is delighted to smile!


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And the rest of the Labour whines reported in the Guardian are just as stupid, claims that Corbyn has been subjected to personal attacks!


A personal attack would be something like –

‘He looks like a garden gnome!’


”Lousy taste in women – look at that grot-bag he had a fling with!’

Instead, the only attacks mentioned are plainly legitimate political criticisms, like –

“…soft on terrorism!”

That’s not personal – that’s just the plain truth!

Read that Guardian article and see at whose grave he laid a  wreath.