And Today’s BBC Far-Left Guest? Rick Perlstein!


Rick Perlstein

Introduced on BBC’s morning news as a journalist who has written much about American conservatism, this unpleasant looking creature’s wikipedia entry gives more honest description.

‘A liberal progressive’



If you watched his bigoted rant, you’d have no need to go to wikipedia to find him out, but what stinks is the BBC’s habit, as yesterday too, with that ultra-liberal Thomas Mann…

Fourth Reich Rising? Merkel’s Phoney ‘Festung Europa!’ 

…of deliberately searching for the most prejudiced Trumpophobe far-left ass available, then wheeling it on, disguised in Beebiasese as ‘an academic’ or ‘a journalist.



We don’t expect fair play from the state-funded UK version of Pravda, but the fact is that there are millions of people who have not fully grasped that the BBC is dishonest and viciously dishonest at that.



Folks like that, back in the Old Country, who are just having a cuppa, or waiting to watch a game of footie, will not think to check up on the bona fides of ratbag pinkos whom they are told are merely academics or journalists…


and the total absence of integrity among those BBC hacks who host these ‘liberal progressives’ means their diatribes are never challenged.’

So innocent viewers have NO way of knowing that these ‘guests’ are conscious, articulate instruments of the Enemy Within.

If UKIP want to defund the BBC, they deserve your vote for that reason alone.