Another ‘Asylumer’ Arrested – No Wonder Mama Fears Patriot Party!

As we reported not long ago –German Patriot Party Victim Of Vote Robbery? – investigations are on-going into an election scandal which arises from the fact that the German patriot party…



…the AfD, won thousands of votes in North Rhine Westphalia that were not counted. It was found that they had up to 10 percent of first votes, and yet 0.0 percent of second votes.



One wonders how widespread this incompetence (oh yeah?) actually may be. At least police in Mönchengladbach have launched an investigation into suspicions of election fraud due to this finding.

Tellingly, this phenomenon of uncounted ballots appears only to affect the AfD.

Given the malicious vendetta waged by the political and media establishment against this party…

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…we also need to ask exactly how fair and free September’s federal election will be.

Last night yet another ‘asylum’-seeker was detained by police, in Berlin, allegedly Syrian, though the cops are being copy about that – another poor little alien teen, it seems – Special forces arrested the teenager after police received a tip-off, Brandenburg police tweeted. He had sent a message to his family saying farewell and that he was joining the “jihad” –

And he’s hardly the first ingrate to hit the headlines, is he?

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All those cases, as well as the sheer magnitude of the burden slung round German tax-payers’ collective necks…



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…make it mildly astounding that the AfD vote is not far higher. No other party is speaking up against Mama Stasi’s crimes against the German people.



One is inevitably led to the conclusion that the AfD is being bullied and harassed to prevent their message resonating with voters.

Hence no surprise, as also reported, that the patriots are seeking outside intervention…


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….to ensure at least a little bit of a level playing field.

Not a lot we overseas can do to help, except keep reporting.