Sarinah’s West Door Security? Where? And Why ‘Palestine’ Droning?

I took a trip into town today, and the traffic was amazingly light, so with time in hand, I got off the Busway at the famous Sarinah department store building.



With somebody around tomorrow morning who can whip up a fine Brit breakfast, a pack of bacon from the basement supermarket was required!

Pork purchased, I drifted upstairs, and, on inspecting the first-floor westside terrace, was agreeably surprised to see that, unlike last year…


Big Mackistan? Ramadhan Lock-Out at McD Sarinah


…the chairs and tables outside McDonalds were not stacked up in unhelpful heaps but left in order, so people can actually sit down, which I did.

Those silly blinds were up to make sure no Ramadhan fasters were goaded into uncontrollable frenzies of temptation, but no matter.

I read my paperback in peace till it was time to go and see those who were awaiting me.

But cutting back downstairs, I noted a change in their canned music repertoire from when I’d arrived. Earlier, it had been seasonal fasting-month stuff, just as at Christmas one would expect to hear carols.

But that had been replaced by that God-Awful dirge about how ‘Palestine will be free again.

If the Sarinah management can choose to play that propaganda cr-p, I can choose to shop for my bacon some other place in future.

And if they have time to supervise their music to make it ideologically offensive, why don’t they make time to make sure their west-side entrance, that nearest to Jalan Thamrin and the busy Busway stop…


Gambar terkait

…has SOMEBODY making security checks.

I entered and exited  with a large shopping bag which contained nothing dangerous at all. It wasn’t that security personnel were slack – there were no to be seen!

But I’m a good guy. The terrorists at that junction last year were NOT!

Satan’s emissary Afif approaching Starbucks


Photo of an Evil Entity – Why Was It Unleashed?