Trump’s Paris Pact Pull-Out – A Return To U.S. Constitutional Integrity!

While we have to welcome all the indications that Donald Trump will extricate the USA from the Paris Panic Pact, it remains to be seen if he follows through on his words.


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But if he does, it should be noted that he will be reversing a move by Obama that flouted the spirit and arguably the letter of America’s constitution, which makes it absolutely clear that international treaties MUST be approved by a two-thirds majority in the US Senate?

Typically, Obama was desperate to weasel out of this obligation.


Even the leftist Guardian confirmed this devious strategy.

The voluntary nature of the agreement was accepted by other countries in part to help Obama avoid the need for lawmaker approval prior to U.S. ratification of the pact. US Senate could block landmark HFC climate treaty, legal experts …

So The Manchurian’s comrades in foreign capitals collaborated to cheat American democracy!

But note the V-Word!


Yet now, the international climate-panic choir is telling Americans that, despite the fact the deal was never even ratified, their President may NOT be able promptly to unbuckle this Obamanoid albatross from around their necks?

The process of fully leaving the agreement is complicated and could take several years, says the leftist L A Times.

Reports say his chosen Secretary of State Tillerson wants to obstruct the presidential deliverance plan.



Better to dump that plutocrat – whom we did, after all, suggest would be a liability…

Stop Tillerson – He’ll Continue Clinton’s Gaystapo Grovel! 

…along with the pact!