Europhiliac BBC Strikes Again – C’mon, Brits, Strike Back!

Even viewers as far away from the UK as I am, in Jakarta, Indonesia, must have noticed the scenes on that ‘Debate’ staged by the BBC.

The boisterous applause for the ridiculous SNP spokesman, when he denounced Paul Nuttall, after the UKIP leader spoke up against immigration?



  • I wondered at that point where the BBC had recruited their pack of leftists – maybe they just scooped up the contents of a trendy Islington cafe-bar?
  • Or perhaps off-duty Guardian and Independent journos?
  • Certainly it wasn’t representative of normal working British people.
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  • Real British people need to fight back, I thought.
  • Now today I get an email appeal which I pass directly on to you, from Brits determined to do something about the BBC’s plainly discriminatory selection process and the nauseating Europhiliac bias carefully documented below.





Dear Supporter, 
If a General Election is the ultimate test of a country’s democratic health, judging by the BBC’s coverage of the contenders we are well and truly on life support. The seven-way debate held last night in Cambridge, where 74% of voters opted to Remain in the EU, is yet another damning example of the public broadcaster’s institutional bias in favour of left-wing and liberal values that are becoming increasingly alien to the majority of the UK electorate.


Jeers for Amber Rudd and Paul Nuttall were delivered with equal intensity to joyous whoops for Jeremy Corbyn and the four other left-wing debaters. The BBC had a responsibility to select an impartial audience. Appallingly, following a Daily Mail-led backlash, it resorted to laying the blame on ComRes, the firm hired to select the audience. The BBC’s morning news bulletins then neglected to address the resulting public outrage, diverting all attention to Theresa May’s absence.

This is just the latest chapter in the BBC’s mission to twist public perception away from its natural course. They may have failed with Brexit, but before and after June 23, 2016 they have won and continue to win the daily battle for hearts and minds almost unopposed. Our democracy faces a lethal threat at its very core.

The people have a single weapon in the war between common sense and establishment spin, News-Watch.

Established by Nigel Farage’s predecessor as UKIP leader, Lord Pearson, News-Watch provides a unique and absolutely critical service in generating comprehensive evidence of the broadcaster’s relentless bias – please find below just a small selection of the mountains of evidence News-Watch has compiled.Leave.EU has set up a fundraising campaign to sustain News-Watch’s great work. Click the link below to make a contribution. The page provides instructions for donations by cheque as well as online.

We also encourage you to lodge a complaint with the BBC about Wednesday night’s debate. As committed Brexiteers, we are ideally placed to maximise the value of News-Watch’s precious research by spreading the word and holding the AWOL broadcaster to account. So please show your support by sparing a bit of your time and money. With News-Watch, together we can make a difference.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team

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BBC bias is clear for all to see, thanks to News-Watch’s monitoring, we have discovered that:

  • Despite 52% of voters backing Leave in June’s historic referendum, only 8 of 124 guests on the Today Programme were invited to make the case for Brexit’s benefits in the days following the Article 50 notice.
  • In 40 episodes of Newsnight in the run-up to the referendum, twelve Remainers were offered one-on-one interviews compared to only six Leavers, and twice as much space was given to pro-EU commentators in 25 feature items.
  • Asked on five separate occasions by a coalition of MPs, BBC Director General Lord Hall has been unable to provide the transcript of a single positive BBC broadcast on Brexit.
  • Analysis of a post-referendum “Brexit Collection” programme showed that the offerings included 58% of speakers backing Remain with only 23% backing Leave.
  • The BBC’s Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg went even further, broadcasting the views of three times as many anti-Brexit voices as pro-Leave voices in her post-referendum programme “Britain’s Biggest Deal” – including no interviews with members of the UK Independence Party.
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