Time Was, To Stand Alone Against A Mob Was Deemed Heroic!

Memo to The Donald!


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Born after the Second World War, my generation was brought up by parents and teachers alike ( teachers were overwhelmingly patriotic back then!) to regard the time when Britain stood alone as ‘Our Finest Hour.’

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Likewise in school, when we learned of Horatius holding the bridge against the Etruscan horde that sought to restore the bad Tarquin dynasty to the throne of Rome.


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Changed days, as I listen briefly ( can’t stand listening for too long!) to the rat-pack on CNN, whining and snarling at President Trump’s courageous decision to get America out of the Paris Panic Pact.

It is courageous.

He was under tremendous pressure, not just from clowns like Dope Francis…


‘Look, look, the sky is falling!’


… but from within the wet, weak wing of his own inner circle.

By keeping his word to the people, Trump has made the honourable choice.


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He now needs to weed out the wets.