Six Humans And Three Pigs Dead – C’mon, Theresa, Bring Back Hanging!

What horrible news to awake to on a Sunday morning, six innocent people so far dead after the latest Islamist attack in London.

At least we are hearing that the police shot and  killed three terrorist pigs!



  • Hasil gambar untuk london bridge



  • Whether the BBC will repeat one of their early interviews with an eye-witness who told the truth about what the terrorists were shouting remains to be seen.



It will be hard to cover this up with drivel about ‘mental health’ or the ‘lone wolf” hogwash we have come to expect from the establishment media.

With only days left till the UK’s general election, we wait for SOMEBODY in politics to do the right thing and call for the return of capital punishment for terrorists.



Certainly there must be more swine around town as yet uncaptured. When they are, firing squads would be fine, or beheading, or the electric chair.

But my initial response was that it would not go amiss to have the swine strung up from London Bridge.

And if there are yelpings from across the Channel, from the ‘European Court’ or the ‘European Union,’ about how no vile sectarian murderers may get what’s coming to them?



Any British government worth its salt should respond with a simple diplomatic communique.