Into The Last Lap, UK Voters Need To Stay Focused!

I read with interest an email from The Freedom Association, in which their Director tells us that he’s taking ‘a few days’ leave, to do my bit for David Nuttall in Bury North. With a majority of just 378, he needs all the help that he can get….

Fair enough.

That particular candidate sounds like he’s worth a vote. Brexit is a key issue, although now I’d say that terrorism is up there at the top of the page too.


Both issues are linked, because entanglement with the EU, or the European Court, handicaps the fight against Islamist treason. Any moves to have terror beasts put down…


….like the rabid swine they are, would be obstructed by ‘Europe,’ as would other sensible policies like internment or mass deportations.

So the TFA man is correct to recommend anyone with a real chance of election who aims to remove Brits from Brussels control.

Another candidate who urgently needs help is Andrew Lewer, the Conservative Party candidate for Northampton South. Andrew was one of the honourable MEPs who actively supported the Leave campaign last year…

Sensibly, there’s a mention too for UKIP stalwarts, who, like Paul Oakley in Clacton and Tim Aker are both fine Brexiteers.

But I’d take issue with him when he says that in Northern Ireland, the DUP deserves your support.

True, the DUP is Eurosceptical, but so too is TUV.



Their leader, Jim Alister, has been heroic and steadfast, not only against the Euro-Commissars, but also against the back-sliding and collaborationist manoeuvring of the DUP with regard to Sinn Fein/IRA.

In the final analysis, use your own best judgement.

I only try to give you as much info as possible – and urge you to get out and vote!