Racist Tantrums At Evergeen College – Expel The Brats!

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So how about this?

This mob, of approximately 200 students, was then allowed to take control of the campus, after the administration ordered campus police to stand down..

That’s part of an excellent article in spiked.com, which I noticed today and it is appalling to read what happened in a place called Evergreen State College, in Washington ( the state, not DC) in the USA.

You can read it for yourselves here. http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/bret-weinstein-and-the-cowardice-of-college-leaders/



Or just watch the video!

Evergreen State College Students Demand Professor Leave Campus On No White People Day, He Refused


But the questions that occur to me are –

A  – does this dump get federal funding, and if so when will it be cut off?


B – has the dump got any admission standards at all, and if so, when will they be raised, to exclude cretinous hooligans incapable of debate (‘This is not a discussion,’ the rabble ranted) who seek to impose educational apartheid in the 21st Century?