Brits Vote, And Remember How Corbyn Honoured The Vermin!

There’s some distrust of Theresa May in Britain, because of her U-turns on almost every important issue.

But at least she has never stood stooped to honouring filthy terrorist traitors!


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Night Jeremy Corbyn stood in honour of dead IRA terrorists

I can well remember the delight among decent Brits all across the UK when the IRA vermin were taken out at Loughgall.

Many a glass was raised to the SAS when that glorious news broke, much the same kind of response as that in America when Bin Laden was put  down.


And we know that Corbyn is no different today…


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… still revelling in the company of Blood-Beasts!

My criticisms of Theresa May must include her failure to give cast-iron guarantees that, in the event of the Brussels Empire moving to realise its ambition – an ambition shared by both Blood-Beast Adams and the Dublin Government – to partition the United Kingdom…


…the right of the loyal British population of Ulster to self-determination NEEDS to be protected.

There needs to be a pledge to redraw the international frontier, a hard border, within which there will be an unassailable British majority. The removal of disloyal minority areas must be implemented, along with population transfers from Belfast to Eire, the country to which the disloyal have long pledged their allegiance.

Mrs. Thatcher understood this over thirty yeas ago, and had she not been dissuaded by the appeasement elements around her, there would have been no subsequent sell-out by her successor, John Major…



…and Liar Bliar’s later Labour government.



But at least, so far as we know, neither Major nor Blair ever stood in solemn reverence for the scum who got what they deserved in Loughgall that day.