Now What? Brexit Suspicions Trip Theresa!

I am out on the town today, and since my trusty old Nokia ‘Stone Age’ model mobile phone has no ‘apps,’ it’ll be night-time in Jakarta before I can post my conclusions on the UK election results.

At this stage, dead of night in Britain, breakfast time here, all I can say is that the question of trust has been paramount in British minds.

Theresa talked the Brexit talk, but as so many of my commenters agreed with me, there were deep, deep doubts whether she’d really walk the walk.



U-turning as a life-style choice does not do much to inspire confidence.

She MAY stay in 10 Downing Street for a while, dependent, perhaps, on Ulster MPs ( no bad thing, as they tend to be patriots) but another election is likely.

The best news so far today is Nigel Farage’s pledge to make a reluctant return to centre stage.



UKIP is down, but with the right leadership,might well be the ‘deus ex machina,’ to resolve the crisis, and clean up the mess.

PS – Yo-HO!

Clegg is out.

And rumour has it that the left-liberal ‘Tory’ Anna Soubry may have lost her seat, a goal I have repeatedly hoped for here on my blog.

Hasil gambar untuk anna soubry stand again broxtowe

Wouldn’t that be nice?