Duo Cobra – A Hitherto Unknown Dangdut Treat?

I was walking down Pancoran about three weeks ago, off to meet some people for coffee, when I noticed a poster advertising a dangdut concert.

The picture adorning the poster was that of a very attractive young lady, so I slowed my stately stride to learn more.

The Duo Kobra!

It’s not uncommon for dangdut duos to use slightly menacing creatures as their stage name, the Duo Racun (Poison) and the Duo Serigala (she-wolves!) being two examples I have featured before.

So calling themselves cobras was not remotely alarming.

Alas, their concert was that very night, and I had further social plans in the evening which could not be rearranged, so no chance of attending their undoubtedly impressive performance.

But curiosity was aroused, so since then research has been undertaken. If you’re a dangdut afficionado, pray read on.


Gambar terkait


Their names are Amel and Putri, and both of them worked as SPGs (Sales Promotion Girls) in a well-known market in Bandung.

Again, regular readers will know my sincere appreciation of SPGs, who are invariably delightful to behold…

Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip! 

….and to chat to, wherever they happen to be.  Incidentally, this year’s Jakarta Fair starts in a week!

But these two SPGs were working in separate areas, one promoting products on the upper level, the other on the lower.

When they did meet, they decided to get together – and why not?

Putri had previously appeared on the popular tv Dangdut Academy while Amel was a former contestant on Indonesian Idol. http://www.infokanlah.com/2015/11/biodata-personil-duo-cobra-yang-terbaru.html

Now to watch out for ads so I can go see them live!

Meanwhile, purely as a public service, I offer you some photos of other Indonesian dangdut duos.



Gambar terkait

Duo Racun


Gambar terkait

Duo Virgin!



Gambar terkait

Duo Serigala


We’ll look at trios another day!