Anti-DUP Petition Reaches 500,000? Half Of Them IRA Fans?

Sinn Féin witnessed its overall vote increase from 224,245 votes in March to 238,915 votes on Thursday…

So it’s not hard to figure out where the latest hate-petition must have attracted around half of its signatures.


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I refer of course to that which has now reached a total of half a million names, expressing outrage over May’s moves to make a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party.

Anti-DUP petition hits 500000 as anger grows over Tory deal

Outrage largely motivated, it seems, because the DUP has refused to kow-tow to the gaystapo agenda…



…and compounds its utter unacceptability by being composed of true British patriots who are second to none in their loyalty to their Queen and Country.

Outrageous indeed, to the Enemy Within, and by extension to all those morally impaired individuals who did not  find it at all outrageous to cast their votes for a party whose leader is infamous for his overt expressions of solidarity with terrorists, dead or alive.


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No outrage on their part at Cur Corbyn’s eagerness to mingle cheerfully with the likes of Blood-Beast Adams.

Every breath that swine takes constitutes a REAL outrage to decent British people everywhere.



So if you take the 238,915 disloyal douche-bags whose votes flaunted their sympathy with the treason of Sinn Fein/IRA, you’re halfway to grasping how that anti-democratic petition got its half-million names.

The other half?

How many queers are there in the UK?

Just do the math!