SMN Dangdut? PRJ Jakarta Fair – 19th June! Oya, Ayu Ting Ting Juga!

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I searched diligently for pictorial evidence of SMN Dangdut, advertised as a highlight for the Jakarta Fair on 19th June.

Certainly, if those yummy gals are likely to comprise the line-up on stage a week from today, I’d say it’s well worth the trip across town just to watch their voices carefully! 

But there is little to be found via Google Search, so which, if any, of those delightful figures will adorn the PRJ, truly I don’t know.

BTW, quick quiz- which one do you like best?

My fave would have to be the cutie with the long black hair in the orange and black outfit.

However, the other singer that day is famous indeed.

Hasil gambar untuk ayu ting ting 2017


Ayu Ting Ting!