Take Aim At Target – Another Pervert Toilet Assault, In Texas!

I’m more than content to assist the AFA in their continuing protest at the disgraceful irresponsibilty of the Target chain of stores in the USA, where yet another report illustrates the consequences of allowing men freely to enter women’s rest-rooms.



Despite huge public protest, the Target management remains determined to pander to transgender freaks.

The latest outrage, in Texas this time,  is described below, and the action requested is surely the very least decent Americans can take in response.


Woman violated inside Target store: 'I feel really scared right now.'

from AFA

Target’s dangerous policy of allowing men into women’s dressing rooms has claimed another innocent victim of sexual voyeurism.

Just last week, in The Woodlands, Texas, a woman was sexually violated when a man freely entered the women’s dressing room and began videotaping her trying on bathing suits.

Store security cameras clearly show Target employees in the area doing nothing to stop the Peeping Tom. Even after the woman screamed for help, two store employees stood by and allowed it to happen.

According to a KTRK television report, the woman can’t get the images out of her head. “I feel really scared right now,” she said.

I have written a very scathing and passionate open letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell. I urge you to read it, then sign onto it with me.


  1. Sign this open letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell, urging him to reverse the company’s dangerous policy.
  1. Forward this information to friends and family. Invite them to sign the boycott pledge at http://www.afa.net/target.
  1. Call Target headquarters at 612-304-6073 and personally let them know you are boycotting their stores.