What Next? A DUP/UKIP Merger?

An interesting article in a part of the media I’ve not heard of before, called the ‘Observer,’ though it doesn’t seem to be that more well-known and horrendously ultra-liberal thing ‘The Observer!’

I won’t go through all the writer of the article, Andre Walker, says, since you can read it for yourselves quite easily here –


A Deal to Save Brexit: Nigel Farage Should Take UKIP Into DUP Merger



Many years ago, I mooted a UK-wide Unionist Party, though in those days the base I foresaw for this development was what’s now the almost defunct Ulster Unionist Party.

Mr. Walker realistically recognises how the times have a-changed, the UUP replaced as Ulster Brits’ spokes-party by the Democratic Unionists.


Gambar terkait


He proposes that UKIP and DUP coalesce into one nationwide party!

His proposed name, the United Kingdom Party, is good enough to be going on with.

But the main thrust of his argument – that there is more to political life than Brexit – cannot be gainsaid.

It’s a reasonable conclusion from recent events that while most Brits are glad to be on the way to self-government again, that very fact led voters to skip UKIP as a necessary choice – why vote for something we have already, by democratic referendum, achieved?

That ‘achievement’ is of course in jeopardy, because the big parties simply cannot be trusted.  But many, if not most people, still plainly find it hard to grasp that the British political elite would stoop to thus damning democracy.



Wishful thinking is a dodgy basis for putting a cross on one’s ballot paper.

What’s needed is a powerful political bloc, with a secure popular base, albeit a limited, to start with, geographical base.

What is also needed is a firm embrace of traditional British values, those rejected by the LabLibCon clique…



…and a firm commitment to let Brits make direct decisions on the restoration of a way of life on the destruction of which they were never consulted.

Swiss-style democracy, popular vote, not handed down by a condescending elite, but ON DEMAND, if a given percentage of voters require it.



Thus the repeated refusal by arrogant parliaments to hold referenda on capital punishment, Cameron’s contemptuous dismissal of calls for popular consultation on so-called ‘gay’ so-called ‘rights,’ and the indifference of the in-crowd to public indignation over failure to deport unwanted aliens…



…ALL of these issues would be subject to the highest court!

Not the stuck-up sticky-beaks in Strasbourg…



….but the court of People Power, the verdict delivered via the ballot-box.

I know I have a lot of UKIP supporters among my UK readers. I’d be interested to learn that they think.