Corbyn’s Comrades Exploit Charred Flesh – How About THIS?

Pretty nauseating, how those yobs jeered May, brandishing brand-new, professionally produced placards (looks like the old Socialist Workers’ –  red nazi – Party style, but who knows?)

Angry Residents Shout “Coward” At Theresa May As She Leaves …

But it isn’t anything new.


Most of the shrills don’t give a tinker’s cuss about the dead, or the bereaved.

All they care about is irrational class-hate.


Gambar terkait

Here’s a link to another story, same level of nasty marxist prejudice, but from from last October!

‘Tory scum, get out of Brum!’ Theresa May is in town.

One may well think that Theresa is a coward, for not standing up to left-lib pressure and kicking alien undesirables out of the UK…

These Judges ARE Enemies Of The British People! 

…but to yell and scream abuse as burned bodies are still  being searched for?




In any case, the fire was very obviously NOT her fault.

But bad taste is no monopoly of the UK Left.

American liberals can match London-level putrescence any day of the week.

Get a load of this.

The 7 Most Despicable Reactions to the Virginia Ballpark Shooting