Manus Crimmigrant Ingrates- $70M ‘Not Enough!?!’

Having been asked by Oz readers for more on their country…

I oblige!

So Aussie tax-payers are glorying in the opportunity to hand out millions to nearly two thousand crimmigrant detainees?



I doubt it. Aussies should be OUTRAGED!

Those Manus ratbags were caught fair and square, caught in the act of violating or trying to violate Australia’s sovereign borders.

They deserved all they got.

Yet already we are hearing that $AU70 million is ‘NOT ENOUGH?? 

The only good news in this NZ article is that when Manus closes down, the undesirables corralled there will either be forced to settle in Papua New Guinea…

….or those not given refugee status through PNG’s highly criticised immigration system could be forced back to the countries they fled.

Manus detainee says $70 million settlement not enough

But now MORE alien snouts are taking aim at the gravy train.

Lawyers right here in Jakarta are contemplating separate court actions to gouge more money from Oz tax-payers’ pockets.  Indonesian lawyers note Manus case payout

We must wait and see how that develops.

But in all honesty, there’s absolutely no reason why Australia should have paid a penny to those migrant mongrels.

We don’t ever expect backbone from Malcolm Turnsteer but we did think his Immigration Minister was no appeasement monkey.

Yet Peter Dutton said this week the government refuted the allegations in the Manus Island class action and the settlement was not an admission of liability.

If that’s the case, he should have stood his ground, loaded the crimmigrants aboard a handy container vessel, then shipped them off.

Where to?

Who gives a sh-t?

Somalia has a long coastline, and no coastguard to speak of.

I’m sure they’d enjoy a warm welcome from Al- Shabaab.