Viva Cuba Libre! Now Make Castro Surrender Cop-Killers!

Good for President Trump to trim the terms of the dirty deal created under Obama’s appeasement regime, which aided and abetted a heinous regime in Havana.

Obama Lies To The Last – ‘The Cuban People?’ 

But The Donald should go that extra mile, and tighten the screws until the Communist dictatorship hands over the cop-killing criminals to whom it has given sanctuary.

..the communist dictatorship is a longtime haven for fugitive U.S. cop killers and terrorists…


Chesimard could have been the sister Barack never had!


That’s one of them!

And Chesimard is as evil as the rest! You can read about her and some other red scum on one of our previous posts. 

….the four are responsible for the deaths of 17 police officers, five American civilians and two U.S. servicemen and 159 bombings.

Will Obama’s Baseball Buddy Send Back The Cop-Killers

Would it not be a fine thing to revive the discontinued liberation plans which Kennedy sabotaged and then sacrificed in his clandestine conclaves with the Kremlin?

Had the essential air support not been withheld from the freedom fighters at the Bay of Pigs…

…the marxist swine would long since have been ousted and strung up for their betrayal of the Cuban people.

Donald Trump’s demand for internationally supervised free and fair elections should be met within the year.



Otherwise, let counter-revolutionary action begin again, with whatever help the White House can give.

If Washington can authorise air-strikes in Syria, why can’t Castro’s Red Army and Air Force be similarly targetted?



And a spin-off benefit?

Imagine CNN’s Communist Van Jones having apoplexy live on TV?!