Defend Laura – Show Solidarity Against Sleazy LibTards!

Good to see that Laura Loomer, of whom I know nothing, interrupted that despicable ‘play’ in New York which features a Donald Trump look-alike (in the role of Caesar) being assassinated.


We mentioned that ‘play’ last week  – Trans-Atlantic Christophobia – Tim Farron And Bernie Sanders  when we wrote about left-liberal hate campaigns.


Gambar terkait

Laura the patriot protester


It says everything about the swamp creatures who comprised the audience that they booed Laura’s protest – but then only liberal scum would attend a drama enshrining incitement to murder.

Aaah…I’ve investigated!

Turns out Laura is a reporter with The Rebel.

Here’s their report, which includes info on how to contribute to her defence fund.

Free Laura: Rebel reporter Laura Loomer