Bali Break? Beware of Money-Changers!

Bank Indonesia complains that, despite an ongoing crackdown, over 150 illegal moneychangers continue to operate in Bali.:

Since a lot of you readers overseas may be planning a Bali break sometime this year, it seems timely to use the comments from Bank Indonesia as a good excuse to remind visitors to the Isle of the Gods…



….that, while one can have a wonderful time there, there are hazards too.

Rabid dogs are one such, but the canine strays are so unpleasant looking that steering clear of them is an almost  instinctive response.



Less obvious, and less lethal, are rogue money-changers, whom one cannot always spot, unless you notice how fast and furiously they shuffle the bank-notes before your very innocent eyes.

You can check out the link above, but I would offer from personal experience one company with branches around Bali, which I’ve used myself and found entirely reliable.


Hasil gambar untuk central kuta money exchange


Another useful source makes another useful recommendation.

The money changers at the airport (just as you leave the baggage claim area) will have a lower exchange rate than those outside the airport in Kuta, Legian Sanur etc. We recommend that you only change a little money here to get you through the first 12-24 hours, until you can get to a changer with a better rate.

And since we’re talking about the airport, may I reiterate my previous advice about taxis.

If you have a lot of heavy baggage, and your hotel doesn’t provide an airport pick-up, you are more or less stuck with the cab companies that somehow monopolise the area beside the Arrivals doors, but if you are prepared and able to walk as far as the main road, you’ll find either Bluebirds…



….with meters that, in my experience, end up with a fair fare, or else some enterprising fellow whose cab may not be new and shiny but who will be ready to bargain.