Fresh Blood On The Hands Of Calais Cur Crimmigrants!

We recently urged that the kid-glove capering by cops in Calais be replaced by serious policing, using whatever force necessary to bring the alien savages to heel.


Gotta get real – take ’em out!


Not blaming individual French officers – I’m sure they resent the craven cuffs put on them by pro-crimmigrant politicians, from Muppet Macron down to local careerists. Live ammo would work wonders, and who’d miss the malignant brutes if they were all taken out.

Now we are getting news of the latest casualty claimed by deliberate action on the part of the filthy savages.

Migrants held in France after driver killed at Calais roadblock

A van driver was killed on Tuesday when he crashed into a tail-back on a motorway near the northern French port of Calais where migrants had blocked the way with tree trunks…



“Nine Eritrean migrants found in one of the heavy goods trucks held up by the roadblock were arrested,” the official from the Pas-de-Calais region said. “They were taken into custody.”

Yeah, right. For how long? We reported last year that some weasel magistrate in that area told police they couldn’t hold illegal immigrants, that the law was a dead letter against lawless aliens.

Calais chaos: 600 UK-bound migrants arrested only to be released

It’s time to put an end to this. Next time any of the swine are seen engaged in this kind of  mayhem…