Pin-Head Pants-Down! A Racist Slur On Ulster Brits

Paddy Pants-Down was always something of a dork, as we have noted before.



Paddy Pants-Down Rides Again, Enraged By Democracy! 

But his latest racist slur against to Ulstermen –“you never let the Ulstermen get their hands on the nation” –  which, in this egalitarian day and age, insults Ulsterwomen too – has provoked stern rebukes from patriots there.



Not least TUV’s Jim Alister.

“I found it deeply insulting, indeed I found it racist. To pick out people on the basis of cultural identity and say because you are an Ulsterman you can’t be in government is outrageous.

Too true.

Imagine if somebody said that about British politicians of Scots, or Welsh origins?

Lloyd George, Alec Hume, Gordon Brown…all would be excluded if the ‘Pants-Down Principle’ were made law. Maybe the UK could have been better without their ministerial ministrations, but that’s NOT the point.

To brand the best and most loyal British as unfit to hold the reins of government responsibility is GROSSLY offensive.

Jim’s entirely justified indignation was echoed by Ulster Unionist chief whip Steve Aiken:

“Paddy Ashdown’s comments were offensive, crass, and totally hypocritical..


Jim concluded his denunciation by saying that the effort to put together an arrangement supported by a majority of MPs was the constitutional way to do things.

“It’s called democracy!”

But then Pants-Down detests democracy.

..the peer and former Liberal Dem leader  – branded Brexiteers as “dispossessed and voiceless” as he compared the rise of Hitler in Nazi Germany in the 1930s to the referendum result.                                  


One must assume the fifty-plus percent of the electorate who dared disagree with the Liberal Democrat dork are thereby relegated, along with Ulsterfolk, to the ranks of those not entitled to participate in the governance of their country?