In London Today, Red Nazi Violence? Put Them DOWN!

As May stumbles and bumbles – and Brits grudgingly acknowledge that the only current alternative is a scurvy terrorist sympathiser….



….who never shed a solitary tear for all the recent victims of Islamist violence, then, when a mosque in his own parliamentary constituency was the scene of an attack, was photographed weeping…


Corbyn (left) with IRA boss Blood-Beast Adams


…there is sadly every chance that blood will be spilt on the streets of London later today.



All over the world, the Red Nazi ‘Antifa’ gangster groups have shown they are eager and willing, from behind their cowards’ masks, to put the boot into political opponents and police alike.


Gambar terkait

Red Nazi Antifa animal attacks fallen cop


The Telegraph describes one mangy old anti-Brexit marxist named Tony Gard, with a record of criminal assault, who leads a movement – the majority of its membership described by one of his comrades as “immigrants and asylum seekers”  – which openly defines its tactics as  –

‘By Any Means Necessary.’

Obviously, any ‘immigrant or asylum-seeker‘ involved in violent or anti-social activity should be held in prison pending deportation.

Any British subject similarly engaged should be given draconian jail-time.

But astoundingly, the weak-kneed wally who presided over Gard’s previous trial did not jail the red for his violence in 1996…

…but instead handed down a sentence that can only be interpreted as a license to continue perpetrating mayhem – ‘120 hours’ community service!’

Ole Mangy Gard ain’t the only evil subversive planning to raise hell today. Read that article and shudder!

And there are plenty more SOBs in the UK besides those mentioned.

 So decent Londoners will be steering clear of their city centre today.

The police, on the other hand, cannot do so, as they are responsible for maintaining law an order.

What should be done is to arm them…’



…and give them the authority to use their weapons against urban terrorists of the Antifa variety.


Failure to do so, when foul savages ran amok, gangs armed with petrol bombs…



in the London Riots back  when Cur Cameron was in power, was one of his many great mistakes.



Theresa May now has one final chance to show her country that she’s made of better stuff than her spineless predecessor.