Biased BBC Hands Megaphone to Bigot Leftist Leggett

No expert on solar panels, I was nevertheless intrigued by President Trump’s idea of adding solar panels to the wall that patriotic Americans want to see built along the USA-Mexican border.


Hasil gambar untuk build that wall


So when the BBC news had a guest ‘expert’ in  around 5.30pm Jakarta time, today), to discuss the feasibility of the proposal, okay.

One might have thought they’d seek an ‘expert’ not rotten with leftwing political bigotry…



…but no, it’s the BBC, so if you know anything about their engrained leftism, you’d expect them carefully to seek out a fanatic Trump-hater, and that’s exactly what they did.

Jeremy Leggett knows his technology, and therefore had to admit Trump is quite correct, solar panels would work on the Wall.

But then the arrogant prig ( that’s priG, please note -I’m being polite!) leapt onto his  high horse and began a  Trumpophobic tirade.


Hasil gambar untuk Jeremy Leggett

Leftist Leggett


He thereby insulted every viewer who was interested in serious discussion of solar technology.  People want information on things like that.

Nobody wanted to hear Leggett’s leftist snarling rant against the ‘racist’ wall…



….his voice laden with vitriol as he hoped the whole project might be obstructed by recalcitrant left-liberal business magnates.

Leftist Legget, by the way, was one of several celebrities who endorsed the parliamentary candidacy of the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas.

And that, naturally, explains why the BBC chose him- for his far-left prejudices, not for his expertise.